Monday, March 21, 2016

Granite Stitch Knit Dishcloth

I really enjoy making my own dishcloths and washcloths. They are thicker and hold up better than the store bought ones, and I can choose the colors and patterns. Dishcloth and washcloths are also fun and quick ways to learn a new pattern and try out a new stitch, plus they make great gifts and items to sell at craft events.

Today I want to share with you an easy, but fun granite stitch dishcloth pattern. I’ve included a video tutorial from New Stitch a Day. Be sure to sign up for their daily emails which teach you knitting and crochet stitches. I have learned a lot of stitches and techniques from Johnny, and he’s a great teacher. So, on to the pattern!

Right side

Wrong side

You will need a skein of cotton or cotton/polyester yarn and a pair of knitting needles. I’ve used Premier Home cotton/polyester yarn in Grape Splash and a pair of size 10 (6mm) knitting needles. (You can use any size needles you want, but be aware the size will affect the gauge of the pattern.)

Gauge: 24 stitches and 20 rows equal 4 inches in pattern. Dishcloth measures about 7 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches tall when completed. 


Knit – k
Purl – p
Slip Purlwise – insert the right needle into the stitch on the left needle as if to purl and slip it onto the right needle
Knit 2 together – k2tog (insert the right needle under 2 stitches on the left needle and knit both of them together)

Knit 1 Purl 1 in the same stitch – knit 1 stitch but leave it on the left needle, pull the stitch out a bit and bring the yarn to the front, and then purl the same stitch and slip it onto the right needle.

Knit stitch and leave it on the left needle.

Pull yarn forward, purl stitch, and slip it onto the right needle.
Notes: By slipping the first stitch of every row purlwise and purling the last stitch you create a pretty edge which won’t curl and creates a very nice edging effect. 

The pattern is knitting in cast on sets of 2 plus 6. For this pattern I’ve cast on 30.

Row 1: k
Row 2: sl 1 purlwise, k to last st, p1
Row 3: sl 1 purlwise, k to last st, p1
Row 4: sl 1 purlwise, k to last st, p1
Row 5: sl 1 purlwise, k2 *k2tog* rep to last 3 sts, k2, p1
Row 6: sl 1 purlwise, k2 *(k1, p1) into the same st* rep to last 3 sts, k2, p1
Row 7: sl 1 purlwise, k2, p to last 3 sts, k2, p1 
Rows 8-23: Repeat Rows 4-7
Rows 24-26: sl1 purlwise, k to last st, p1

Bind off and weave in tails (you can crochet a ring before you fasten off the yarn if you like. Chain 10, turn the dishcloth, chain 1 and work 12 single crochet around the rind, slip stitch into the dishcloth and then fasten off and weave in the tails).

Here is a video tutorial from New Stitch a Day for the Granite Stitch.

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I hope you like this knitting pattern. With all my patterns feel free to sell any items you make with them, but please give me credit as the designer. If you'd like to share the pattern, please share the link to this blog, or the link from Ravelry.

I have made every effort to make this pattern error free, but if you find any errors, or have any questions please let me know in the comments. Plus please post some pics of the dishcloths you make, I'd love to see them! 

Until next time, thanks and take care!

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