Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Crochet the Tunisian Purl Stitch

Hello dear readers! I have been having a lot of fun learning Tunisian crochet stitches using my new set of aluminum Tunisian crochet hooks from Crochet Creations. 

Earlier I posted a tutorial on the Tunisian simple stitch. Check it out to learn the basics of Tunisian stitches. I really like the look of the purl stitch. By pulling the yarn forward on the stitches you create a loop which gives the fabric lots of texture and interest. 

Begin by chaining the number of stitches you need for your project. Work the first row in Tunisian simple stitches. (Crochet the forward and return row.)

To begin the next forward row pull the yarn forward. Insert the hook from the front to the back around the entire post of the stitch.

Yarn over the hook and pull the yarn around the stitch and leave the loop on the hook. Repeat this across the row.

When you reach the end yarn over and pull through one loops. Yarn over and pull through two loops. Continue to yarn over and pull through two loops until you have one loop left on the hook. 

Repeat the forward row working with the yarn in the front around each post, and then the return row until you reach the desired length. Work the last row in simple stitch.

The stitches are cast off on a forward row. Work a purl stitch like normal but yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. Don't leave the loops on the hook like you do for a normal forward row since you are casting off the stitches. Continue across until you have one loop on the hook, pull the yarn up and fasten off. Weave in the tails. You can then work a decorative border, or leave it as is.

I hope you enjoy learning these stitches with me. I find Tunisian crochet very relaxing. The repetitive motion and working my way back and forth the rows is very soothing. 

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments, and be sure to post your pics on my Facebook page, I'd love to see your work! 

Grab your set of aluminum Tunisian crochet hooks here!