Thursday, July 7, 2016

Great Kitchen Whisk Set - Better Tomorrow Kitchen Whisk Review

I know this isn't yarn related, but I had to share my latest find. I found the best whisk set! I have metal whisks, but most of my pans are non-stick so I can't really use them. These whisks have silicone heads made from 100% food-grade silicone material, approved by the FDA  and LFGB. They also have nice sturdy metal handles. 

I was impressed with the quality of these whisks since the set retails for only $8.99 on Amazon. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive a free copy of the ebook, 101 Recipes to Make with Your Whisk. Great Whisks for Baking, Cooking and Mixing, for purchasing the set. And the come with a lifetime guarantee

Of course you know as soon as I received them in the mail I had to try them out. I made some scrambled eggs and used the smaller whisk to whip them up. The handle is balanced and easy to hold since it is nice and big, but not too big. The whisk is stiff enough to get the job done, but won't scratch non-stick pans so I could use it in the frying pan as well as for mixing up the eggs.

Overall I would give this whisk set five out of five stars. For the money you can't beat the quality and the deal. If you're looking for a sturdy yet attractive set of whisks for your kitchen, I highly recommend this set.