Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Prompted Me to Pick Up My Hook Again

My mother and grandmother were the ones who taught me the love of all needle work and yarn crafts. My mother was an avid knitter and could crochet, but my grandmother was the master crochet expert of the family. She used to crochet intricate borders on her embroidered scarves she made. I honestly don't remember how old I was when they taught me to embroidery, crochet, and knit. I will admit my knitting skills are lacking. I could never get my tension right, but for some reason I picked up crochet very easily.

Well life has a way of moving on and with marriage, two kids, divorce, a second marriage and all of the responsibilities of adult life I quit crocheting. I'd pick up an Afghan my aunt had started when I was a teenager, but I never really got back into it. Then one day I found The Crochet Crowd's website. Mikey is such a great video host, and he explains things so well that I had to get some more hooks, a skein of yarn and get back into it.

That was nearly a year ago and I'm now designing and publishing my own patterns on this blog and on my Raverly page. I have also written a three volume crochet, a three volume knitting series, and a two volume sewing series under the pen name of Kathy Wilston. I had recently been approved for disability because of back problems, and I had to find something to keep me busy. Crochet has helped me keep my mind and fingers busy, and to find purpose. It is great therapy and I've watch countless Netflix movies and caught up and discovered many new series on there while hooking along.

If you need to learn how to crochet, or like me you need to refresh your skills be sure to check out The Crochet Crowd's website and subscribe to their YouTube channel. You will be glad you did. And to Mikey and Diva Dan I want to say thank you for helping me rediscover my love of crochet.